System Overview
What follows is a description of how the system works from the perspective of the user:

1. Detailed Dashboard & Functionality Tour

Step 1

User accesses the Site and finds the different investment opportunities.

Step 2

The Invest page provides real time data about the vaults and the investment returns. The user will see a number of different vaults (only one in the beginning) and decide where to invest. This data is being gathered automatically by the smart contract with the information from the vaults we are using (ie. if it is an Alpaca Finance vault, this info will come from Alpaca).

Step 3

User decides in which vault he would like to participate in. Each vault has one investment strategy and requires a specific token to be invested (ie. WBNB). User selects the vault and enters the amount of tokens he wants to invest.

Step 4

When the User is satisfied with the results obtained from the investment, he will be able to claim the rewards which comprise of the token interest earned and GYMNET Token.

Step 5

The user has the option to increase his rewards via compounding. He can do so by providing liquidity to the GYMNET farm and stake the LP-Tokens through the GYM NETWORK platform.
Note that the full deposit amount that a users adds to the GYMNET Vault or Staking is available to withdraw anytime.