The first GYMNET Vault is a WBNB vault. To participate in this vault you need to have WBNB (In the Binance Smart Chain, BNB tokens have to be wrapped to become BEP20 tokens. This is a very simple and inexpensive process.) Deposit from 0.05 BNB and 100% available at any time.
Weekly return rates for stakers are in WBNB and GYMNET. Percentage WBNB returns vary according to the following factors:
a) invested amount in the vault from all participants
b) Multiplier applied by Alpaca or whoever owns the vault
c) the price of BNB also affects the rewards (you are earning BNB tokens so the more valuable they are, the more $$ you make)
Percentage GYMNET returns depend on the amount of money in the vault, because 22% (88M) of emitted tokens are split among the vault participants according to the amount invested in the vault.

How to claim GYMNET

Users who invested in the vaults will be able to claim GYMNET from the moment the token is launched. When they claim, these tokens go to their connected wallet (i.e. Metamask or Trustwallet). Users can claim as many times as they want but they will have to pay gas fees every time they do. Also, when the user decides to close the position, GYMNET and the rewards accrued in the vault are automatically harvested.

Closing the investment.

At anytime the user can decide to close the investment. They will receive the rewards from the vault (i.e. WBNB) plus 100% of their initial deposit amount.

Investing in other vaults

After the initial WBNB vault, we will create new vaults following the same system. We will decide what could be a good investment (vault from Autofarm, Goose finance, etc.) and make it available to our users through the GYM NETWORK so they can earn from the vault and receive GYMNET rewards. Other vaults could be in ETH, BUSD, etc.