Here we explain how each part of the system works.

If you don’t have a wallet yet, simply follow these tutorials:

1. Install MetaMask & Setting up BSC

1.1 How To Make GYMNET & WBNB Visible In Your MetaMask Wallet

1.2 How to swap BTC or ETH to BNB

Please note that you will need to have BNB in your wallet. Here we show you an easy way how you can swap other crypto currencies for BNB directly.
If you already have your wallet and BNB in it, you can proceed to the next tutorial.

2. How to connect to the GYM NETWORK

When you first arrive at the GYM NETWORK site, you need to connect your wallet.
This will open a window with the different wallets you can connect.
Choose the wallet in which you have BNB tokens. Then, connect your wallet. When your wallet is connected, you will see it in the top right corner of the page.
Now that you have connected your wallet you can participate in the GYM NETWORK if you have a referral link or referral code. You can either click on the referral link and the website will have the code automatically or input this code manually.
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3. How to invest in the GYMNET Vault

Once you have connected your wallet you can start investing in the GYMNET Vault. Just navigate to the top of the site and click on Invest.
When you click, you will see the different investment opportunities. Initially, we only have a BNB vault where you can invest BNB. In the future you will be able to invest other assets like USDT as well.
Click on the arrow to open the investment you are interested in. If you want to invest BNB, click in the arrow of the BNB Vault, like the image shows. When you click, you will be able to invest BNB. The minimum investment is 0.05 BNB. The more BNB you invest, the higher your rewards.
Introduce the amount of BNB that you want to invest in the "Amount" field or click Max for the full amount. Then, click on Deposit. Your wallet will then open and ask you to confirm the operation, this will take a few seconds. Once you have accepted the transaction in the blockchain with your wallet, your investment is ready. You will start to earn BNB interest and GYMNET rewards.
You can see these rewards in the Investor Dashboard.
If you want to exit your investment you can do so at any time. Just click on "Manage your position", introduce the amount you want to take out and click on "Withdraw & Claim" as shown below.
8_How to invest into the Vault.pdf

3.1 How to invest into the farm and earn more rewards ?

Once you are invested in the GYMNET Vault, you will begin to earn GYMNET token. You can increase your rewards by adding GYMNET tokens to the liquidity pool.
Here is how:
In the Deposit tab you can see how much GYMNET you are earning under "Pending GYMNET Reward". Click on "Claim & Pool" to add these GYMNET tokens to the GYMNET Liquidity Pool to earn more GYMNET rewards. You can exit at anytime.
When you click on "Claim & Pool", you can choose to "Pool GYMNET only" or "Pool with BNB" (in this case you earn 2x more rewards), then your wallet will prompt you to accept the transaction. Click on accept and wait a few seconds until the blockchain is updated. Now your GYMNET tokens are pooled and you are earning more GYMNET tokens.
If you want to see your GYMNET tokens, go to farming, using the menu on the left.
Here, under "My Stake" you have your investment of GYMNET in the pool. You can also see how much unclaimed GYMNET tokens you are earning. This is where your earnings are being compounded. The more GYMNET you add to the pool, the higher the rewards.
You can exit this at anytime by clicking on "Manage Stake". You can also claim your extra GYMNET tokens anytime and add them to the liquidity again to earn more (for this, click on "Claim" or "Claim & Stake"). To understand each part of this page, head to the farming Rewards page.

4. How to invite other users and see my referrals?

Click on Partner Statistics in the left menu to see your referral link and how much you have earned from the users you have referred to the system.
You can see here all the rewards from inviting others. If you haven't invited other users, you can do so using your own referral link that you can find here as well.
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5. How To Purchase GYMNET

5.1. How to buy and sell on Poocoin

In this video and PDF document we show you how you can easily purchase GYMNET using PooCoin.

5.2. How to buy and sell on Pancakeswap

15_buy_and _sell_on_PancakeSwap.pdf

5.3 How to buy and sell on Dextools

6. GYMNET Chart

PooCoin Charts