A DeFi Aggregator Investment System
Decentralized Finance can be a crazy place as there are hundreds, if not thousands of projects. This can be cumbersome for the average user when they come to the DeFi space and see all these potential places where they can earn interest rates, which are much higher than what they can find in traditional finance.
With that in mind we wanted to create a yield aggregator, a place where you can deposit your assets and easily find the best interest rate for them. Currently that’s through ALPACA FINANCE but there will be more vaults added in the future.
GYM NETWORK is a fully decentralized protocol operating on the Binance Smart Chain. It combines optimal yields with high rewards for its users and also provides an additional earnings mechanism through the built in affiliate system. Thus, investors get easy access and save a lot of precious time using the DeFi project.

GYM NETWORK does three main things for the user:

  1. 1.
    Scans the DeFi landscape for the best investments. “Best” here is defined by risk/reward.
  2. 2.
    Presents these investments as vaults to the user so he can easily participate and exit at anytime.
  3. 3.
    Rewards the user for participating in the protocol.
The average user just wants the answer to a simple question: Where do I put my money to grow it? GYM NETWORK provides the answer.
Furthermore GYM NETWORK has an implemented affiliate system that operates through smart contracts, meaning agreements between users will be executed automatically: time effectively and with no intermediary's involvement.
GYM NETWORK is not about reinventing the wheel but creating something new and innovative based on existing, proven systems. The biggest innovation comes from adding rewards to the user for participating in the protocol and implementing an affiliate system so that you can receive affiliate commissions for referring other users.
GYM NETWORK is owned by the users. Each user has voting power in the measure of their GYMNET token holdings. Owning GYMNET means that you will be able to propose new “Exercise Routines” (proposals to improve the system) and vote on the routines proposed by others. This is how the network will be managed once 75% of GYMNET tokens have been distributed to the users.

To sum it up, there are 3 ways how you can earn passive income with GYM NETWORK:

1. The GYMNET Vault

The first and most obvious way to earn passive income with GYM NETWORK is by using the GYMNET Vault. Here you are going to earn BNB profits from Alpaca Finance and receive GYMNET rewards.

2. Farming

Once you start earning GYMNET rewards you can add them to the farming for compounding which will provide you with the next source of income.

3. The Affiliate System

GYM NETWORK is one of the first DeFi projects that has an integrated affiliate system that's run by smart contracts. Become an affiliate and start earning profit shares from your sponsored partners!

Bonus: Holder Benefits

Even if you decide to simply hold on to your GYMNET you will profit from every buy or sell order. 1% from each buy order and up to 4% from each sell order are distributed among the token holders.
Overview: 1. When someone buys GYMNET 1% goes to every holder 2. When someone sells GYMNET 4% goes to GYMNET holder, pools starting from 2500 GYMNET token.
Hold GYMNET in your wallet
Up 4% goes to GYMNET holder
2,500 GYMNET
5,000 GYMNET
12,500 GYMNET
25,000 GYMNET
50,000 GYMNET
99,000 GYMNET
166,000 GYMNET
1 %
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